A2 Posters

MaxeDisplay Indoor Posters perfect, crisp, vivid printing offering more detail and definition.

  • True high quality print
  • A range of high quality stock and substrates.
  • 11 colour HDR Inks unbeatable detail.
  • Prints RGB, CMYK and hex chrome.
  • Claimed 200 year lifespan. Will not fade.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


A2 Posters

Our short run Indoor Posters offer high quality printing. Light fast with rich vibrate colour, it gives all posters, fine art and canvas prints extra richness and depth.

Our posters are designed to last.

Announce your news, promote your company with a personalised poster 

  • Let customers know about your sales and promotions.
  • Place an eye-catching designs in your window to deliver your news.
  • A wide range of paper finishes include satin and matte, waterproof and canvas as standard.
  • Indoor or outdoor even window and self cling posters.
  • Print from your own files – Upload on-line
  • Professional quality digital printing delivered to your door!

You can choose standard “A”  and ‘B”  poster sizes or choose a custom size. Please telephone for price 01384 211247.

From retail shops to corporates, posters for every business

We strive to make buying large format posters easy and accessible for small and larger businesses. No matter if you’re hairdresser, pub, building company or larger blue chip corporate searching for print. PrintGB offer a first class, friendly service you can count on.


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200gsm Satin Poster Stock FSC, Canvas

Poster sizes

A0, A1, A2, A3


Our posters are by delivery in a tube. If you require flat delivery this is normally by collection only.